Welcome to me…

As my first post on my NEW blog that is Tumblr, I really have nothing to speak about. I will start off by saying I already do have a blog on Tumblr, but I do not feel that it is fitting to just copy and paste what I have on there, onto this lovely website over here. That is like second hand smoke, it kills the people around you; in this case I don’t want to kill the vibe on this lovely new website. So maybe I should start with little information on me. Hello, my name is Tatiana, I am a graduating high school senior- Woo class of 2014- and I am an avid writer. Which reminds me, lately I went to lunch with my father- yeah, were really sophisticated that way, because is not like I live with them still- and he said to me “… You know it’s odd, you’re and avid reader, but you don’t seem to like writing as much.” At this point I almost screeched because I have been working on the same book for almost five years now and he has not taken notice. Then again we are talking about the same man who did not realize that I had dyed my hair red until five months after- yeah, he’s that kind of guy. Yet I love his still, he is, after all, my parent.

I have two siblings, by the names of Abigail and Aaron- take note of the fact that they both have biblical names and I do not. I am the oldest out of the three of my parents’ children and the first one to move out. Now this gets a little sticky, because my mother basically had to raise my older cousin who is about 23 now I believe, so really I shouldn’t have been treated like a first born at all. But then again, my cousin still was not my mother’s child, so the emotions are probably extremely heightened with me. My two siblings are best friend, but mortal enemies in the same breath. Considering, I had to watch over them since I was able to stay home alone, they don’t really see me as an older sibling but an annoying “sub-parent”. Which basically means that they will not listen to me and say the common phrase- that was also featured in the movie Freaky Friday– “… You’re not my mom/dad”. I feel like this happens to every older sibling so I don’t tend to take this to heart.

I am in a flirtationship with a guy that probably doesn’t know he is in a flirtationship with me. I have turned into the common school girl with a crush on a guy that is completely unattainable. Flirtationship is right smack in the middle of a relationship and a friendship. Not really sure which direction to take as of yet, but we shall see how this plays out. The fact that we are both going to college in completely different areas from each other most likely means that this flirtationship will not last long, but one can hope. I don’t enjoy being a lone very much- but really who does?- so I tend to have someone I can stay with for a night and just be comfortable enough around to share my deepest darkest secrets with. Now most of you will probably say that is the definition of a best friend, but to be completely honest with you, I don’t have one of those.

Last thing I will say before I leave for the day is, I am a teenager, and like most teenagers, I have gone through addiction and depression. Yes, I have been cheated on, Yes, I have had my little run-ins with bullies before in the past. And this is why I have made this blog. Well why I do blog instead of just allowing myself to hide my emotions in a book that no one else will read unless I am deceased. I want to help others by sharing my experiences as I go along with you. I know when I was going through most of the many things that I have gone through in my life, I had felt alone. I don’t want anyone else to feel as alone as I did. This is my way of telling people that I am here for you too! Hopefully it will help some with the only way I know how, walking along side you with every step you take. “Where you go I follow”, as the song goes. I really hope that you will relate to me as I go through my journey. And maybe this will grow so I can follow you in turn.


Welcome to my world…

“Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.”
― J.M. BarriePeter Pan

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