Quotes that made a difference…

A quotation that has influenced my life is one from the book Paper Towns by a very famous author by the name of John Green. The quote is a conversation between the main character and a detective, and simply states,

“[…] Somebody-girl usually-got a free spirit, doesn’t get on too good with her parents. These kids, they’re like tied-down helium balloons. They strain against the string and strain against it, and then something happens, and that string gets cut, and they just fly away.[…] The thing about these balloons is that there are so goddamned many of them. The sky is choked full of them[…] and after a while, you can’t even see’em individually.”(Paper Towns)

This has basically helped me to describe what I feel like I am currently going through in my life. I am currently graduating a year early from my schooling, mainly to get away from the consistency of my life today. The character in this book that is being described helped me identify with her.

Since I was young, I have never found anything that I really loved to do. I turned into what some might call a “Jack of all trades”, in other words good at everything but a master at nothing. I never was fond of consistency within my life, I loved to move from one project to the next in short amounts of time. My interest never stayed in one particular subject for long. In this quote, Green is able to embody the very essence of a child like me. A free spirit, that need to be away from all of the consistency of everyday life.

This quote also embodies the many that may feel the same way. As a teenager, we are expected to push the boundaries and explore. Many do not want to be told what to say or think,and this is a true time to find ourselves as individuals. With this one simple quote, Green was able to reassure others that we are not alone. Many times, being someone that seems to go against the normalcy of everyday life, we tend to feel alone, as if we are the only ones against the world. With the reference to the many balloons out in the sky, Green reassures the Teenage movement that they are not alone in their quest for freedom.

This quote also speaks to me because of the person who is saying it. Within the book a detective is talking about the many who strain against the conformity we are surrounded by and leave to find something other than. This character is trying to help with a missing persons case, and is discouraged because of the “many balloons’ that choke up the sky. It seems that these cases are common for him, and it saddens him that these people fail to stay within their boundaries. Due to this misunderstanding, it shows the difference between a person’s thinking at different stages in each person’s lives. At a young age, we want to be unique,and show the world that we do not need to be what we are told to be. But as an adult, the weight of real life seems to become part of the logical thinking. Logically a person should not go outside of the structure of our set lives, because that is “crazy”.

John Green’s quote teaches two things to the reader. the first is that you are not alone in your adventures. Growing up in this world is a tough thing and many try to avoid it at all costs. This results in people trying to find the difference, the one place that will make them feel that they are not like the people around them. Secondly, this quote teaches the reader that everyone will grow up. The detective that says this quote is a perfect example on how he looks down upon the very idea of being different, of finding a great perhaps. Growing up is placed alongside the responsibilities of an adult. This is what will eventually tie us down the the normalcy we were one trying to disappear from. So in conclusion, as young adults, we have to find where we belong, and then once we are done, we all will have to grow into the people we are suppose to be.

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