The Final Fail

Let me start off the blog with something simple, I hope I didn’t fail my final.

For those of you that don’t know, yes, I am in college and, yes, I had finals today. For one, my professor emailed me the wrong room number. It was just me though because I didn’t get the original email he had sent out to everyone. Lie the good student I am, I emailed him myself to get the room number for the final. The room number I was email was 1.109 (the first 1 is the floor level, and 109 is the room); the actual room number was 1.91. Yeah, a few numbers off. No biggie, right? But it was a biggie, a big big biggie because I ended up late for the final.

In my high school, if you were late for any test you got an automatic zero for the test. A zero. My professor told us each previously that you need at least to 40% in order to pass his class. Correct me if I’m wrong, but a zero is lower than the 40% I would need to pass. See my dilemma?

Now here comes my excuses as to why I was late.

1) I had the wrong room number!
Technically I cannot be at fault for the fact that the professor, lovely as he is, decided to give me the wrong room number. Well he didn’t decide to, it was and accident. Still, it totally f-ed me up.

2) I had some sleeping pills the night before.
They were more like pills that are suppose to unclog my ears because lately I’ve been feeling like their blocked. No, it’s not earwax. I checked.

3) My eyeliner kept smudging.
Now I know this isn’t as important, but it’s an excuse! In my book, all excuses are equal. Just like all sins are equal, see? And it’s not my fault that my gel eyeliner (Very Black by Rimmel London- sponsor me!) was placed in the little creases under my eye. Therefore before it dried I had to blink, and BAM!, eyeliner everywhere.

Basically what I’m getting at here is the universe was against me. I must have bad Karma or something.

And if you’re wondering,I was able to take my final in the right room. I just had to go up to the sixth floor of my school building and ask this lady who was typing away behind a desk in the math and science department. (No clue why the put math and science together. I mean, there’s no english and history department is there? Point made.)
In this department, that was complete with a large array of colored lights, creepy Santa gnomes (yes, they were seriously, truly, gnomes), and a not so jolly secretary I asked, “Could you tell me where the room is for the Math 105 final?”
“Who’s you professor?” She replied, moving from her computer to a stack of papers.

After giving my answer she replied, “It’s in room 1.91.”

“Oh,” I remarked, relieved that I could get to my final at last. ” My professor sent me the wrong number.”

“Well it’s there.”

And with that I said thank you, and took a nap. Turns out my final was at 10:15 and not 9:25 like I had previously thought.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Me says:

    You really are talented, you captured me from the first sentence.
    Thank you for sharing looking forward to read more.

    1. lifewtati says:

      Aw thank you so much! Im always so nervous about my writing, this made my day! (Or late night/morning)

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