A New Semester of Completely Evitable Laziness

Along with my novel that isn’t getting written and school knocking  on my door, I have been overcome with laziness. It seems that at the times were work presents itself boldly in my face that I tend to want to lay around more than ever. Now I’m not going to lie, I am a “couch potato” at heart. And I believe that there is nothing wrong with that except for when it stands in the way of your productivity. It seems this is what has happened to me recently, my laziness is blocking my path to success. It has made it painfully apparent that laziness is a lot harder to overcome than it is to fall into, much like most bad things in life.


My laziness has left me unprepared for my beginning of second semester college. I already have  a paper due the first day of class. Problem is, my organization skills do not see so organized to me anymore. Yes, I have color coded diagrams; yes, I have made a layout for my essay. However, it still represents complete and utter chaos when I look at it. It seems that what is organized in other peoples eyes isn’t as organized to me. Because of this lack of organization- as seen through my mind’s eye- I have been avoiding going back to my layout and actually completing said essay. Which only shows how I run from my problems in a minor scale. I will have to come back to it eventually, which is why I have set an alarm on my phone for tomorrow. That would give me exactly three days to complete my essay and re-read it. I have decided that it is time for me to take my schooling a little more seriously. After all, there could be worse things to complain about.


College has taken an abnormal effect on me and my reading habits. Before I would read every second of every day. It was so often that the librarian would allow me to loan books that were suppose to come out the next year. It was because of this that I was bored when the books for the new year had come out for the general public. Along with the library being my main source for information, I also rummaged through the interweb for any information on absolutely anything. If I had a random question that had popped into my head, I would google that question. The answers I required from this research would then stick to my brain like super glue, resulting in the random knowledge that will probably do me no good in the long run. Post high school has become a different matter. Within the work from college my interest in sating my thirst for knowledge has dwindled. I much rather lay around and sleep now than stick my nose in a new book. I am also going through phase where the popular books are of no interest to me just for the simple fact that everyone is reading it. I have a complex where I refuse to be put in the same category with everyone else. But sooner or later I would have to face the fact that there are certain things that make me like all of the rest of humanity. Like the fact that I am human like the rest of you.

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