Failure is to Isolation as Success is to Exposure

I always get too afraid to show my work to anyone besides my professor and myself. Sometimes, I don’t even want to re-read anything I’ve written, because of the fact that I know I might be disappointed. However, thinking this way only sets myself up for failure in the future. I was asked recently if I could show one of my peers some of my work. Sheepishly, I turned my head down and said no. “Well, what do you do? Do you own a blog or something?” My acquaintance asked. To this I nodded firmly and said yes. Perhaps a little too fast.

My blog is something I take pride in. No, it does not have a huge following, and no, it does not represent my most finely tuned writing skills in the least. But it does bring me comfort to know that there is a place on this big World-Wide Web where I belong. Even if it’s in a little nook in the wall. This blog is completely me, run by me, and written by (you guessed it) me.

Not many people know this, but this blog use to be private. No one could read or even see what I was writing. I have always been severely terrified of failure and I didn’t have the confidence in myself to put my foot out there in the writing world. When my friends offer for me to read their work and ask for my opinions on it, I can say I am in awe. Why ask me, a girl who can barely look someone in the eyes when they are talking to me? Surely, I have nothing that can benefit your writing skills when I am merely learning myself. And yet they still value my opinion.

My dear readers, I learned something today. Well I learned it a while ago, but today is the day that I acknowledge it. You won’t become successful in your little bubble. You have to put yourself out there, take a risk, and have some peer evaluation. Writers who surround themselves with other writers and regular people will surely grow much faster than a writer that keeps to himself. Staying in your bubble will keep you stagnant, while exposure will let you blossom. It’s a simple lesson, and one I am still trying to learn. I eventually want to be great, and do something that makes me happy to go to work every day. But I won’t be able to do that if I am too afraid to leave the nest.

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