Halloween is right around the corner, and I am racking my brain for a costume. Growing up in a slightly (read: severely) strict household, Halloween isn’t something I have the luxury of experiencing too often. I’m also in college, which means college parties are coming my way (Yikes!). It also doesn’t help that I’m in a relationship with the most social/frat boy/down-for-whatever guy in all of collegedom. I am not introverted, but I’m not too social around people either. This, combined with work and school, will quite literally be the death of me. At least it will be in time for the spooky season.

The only thing that’s been surprising in my life lately is the fact that I forgot I own a blog that I can conduct interviews on (duh!). I mean, it is my blog, which means I can put whatever I want on here without it getting too messy.

Either way, I don’t have much to talk about besides the fact that I have two parties to hit up, plus and meeting in the morning tomorrow #killmenow. Also I need costume Ideas! (Please?) I am desperate.

PS Stay tuned, I promise I’ll have juicy college stories for you.
xoxo Gossip Girl (wink)

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