When it comes to writing for the public, I tend to stray away from the controversial topics. That is precisely why I haven’t said a word about the Paris attacks, or the terrorist threats on an area I currently live in, or even Ferguson. I’ve tried to avoid it at all costs, because I am scared of what my opinion can bring. There are movements and protests; college gathering with kids chanting “Black Lives Matter!”. It brings me back to the moment I broke up with my ex because he didn’t care about the Ferguson movement. He seemed just as indifferent as everyone else and it was infuriating, especially because he was an African American male. If I said I didn’t know what to do to help, I would be lying. I know exactly what I can do, I know that one person CAN make a change.

The day after the Paris attacks I had to work. There was an event in Manhattan about the fashion industry– notorious for their obsession with appearances. I went and I was annoyed the whole way through. Just yesterday a mass shooting occured in one of the most famous tourist attractions, and here I was sitting at an event that was suffocatingly superficial. I wanted to leave. I didn’t care about the fashion industry or anything these people had to say. My mind was occupied with the craziness of life and how one moment everything is perfect and in an instant it goes to shambles. It was later that day that I heard about the dormitory shootings at a University in Kenya. 157 dead, I believe.

This was not my world, this hopelessness was not part of my lifestyle. For a second there I felt like the bad guys were winning. It was this very moment that it dawned on me, I could lose everyone I loved in an instant. This was not something I could ignore or brush off, there was no bouncing back from this feeling. I could lose everyone in an instant. Anxiety washed over me, causing short exasperated breaths. White noise clouded my thoughts as my felt the my stomache jump. How can anyone have a future in a world like this?

Honestly, I don’t have an answer. I don’t know how people can still smile everyday knowing what is going on in the world. But I do know the importance of telling the people you love that you love them, cherishing the time you have with friends. Make the effort to preserve the good relationships in your life, because there might not be many. Love and fall and then love some more. Go into hyperdrive, no one should dictate your life but you. And finally, hold on to those good moments in life, those movie scene moments, the ones you can write books about. Hold on to those moments tight, because you never know which one will be your last.

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