Social Media is the Devil?

Hello World!

Or should I say, hello friends and family that read my blog!

If you have not seen me in your everyday, or every-other-day, lives you probably have not noticed a few things have changed since I have last written. One, I lost my wallet on the bus while shopping for a Secret Santa present in the Bronx (Darn you public transportation!). Two, I have been scoping out areas for future living possibilities without the money (lol, because why not?). And three, I am back on to social media! *Audible groan from the back*

I haven’t ALL the way committed to social media, but I’m pretty involved as of late. I have a twitter, which I’m probably going to delete soon (read: again), and I have a snapchat (also going to delete). I would say twitter and snapchat are right up there with the Instagram universe, making it pretty well used. I have realized that the opportunity for me to speak my mind amongst my peers is probably NOT the best option for me? I mean, I tend to go over the top when it comes to profanity and I find myself involved in the occasional Who-is-she-and-why-are-you-talking-to-her quarrels here and there. Once I post this, I will have cleaned up my act (ha ha!), so there is no need to worry (That one is directed at Mom). Social media is a dangerous world for a small town girl like me living in Manhattan! Maybe I’m having a power-trip over people actually listening to my thoughts, no matter how gruesome. It isn’t all bad though, I’ve gotten laughs out of it and it definitely makes it a lot easier to catch a case of FOMO, aka “Fear of Missing Out”, while I’m there (Group trip to DR? When!). There is also the time it connected me with my long lost (not really lost, he just moved) God-Brother from Ohio! *Queue young Tati arguments on why I should get to wear the Obi-Wan Kenobi costume even though I was a girl, because Princess Leia was lame and I wanted a lightsaber too!* Feminist rants from the age of five, who would have thought?

On the matter of me losing my wallet, no need to worry! After missing my Seventeenth Century Literature class for the hundredth time, I was able to go to the police precinct with a rag tag group of college students and give all the information I could on my lost (not stolen) wallet. Of course, because I did this I got a waiver on the fee to pay for a new License! However, my trip to the much dreaded DMV never occurred due to laziness and anxiety (Grumpy workers and all those people, AM I RIGHT?). But one day I got autographed a letter send to “Tatiana Amanda” which held, you guessed it, my wallet! The lock was broken, which was odd since it was a twist and open lock, but hey!

Moral of the story: Social Media is great for FOMO and anger; A lost wallet may just show up at your doorstep (literally).

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