Living Expenses and Blizzardy stuff

The blizzard in New York has created a very productive day for me. No, seriously! Besides the occasional brooding moments of boredom from not going out, I’ve done some pretty productive house stuff! For example, I actually cooked! Yes, I, Tati from Washington Heights, actually decided to pick up a frying pan and get to work. Making platanos (plantains) isn’t my specialty, but I actually turned up with a pretty decent meal. I also did some laundry and had an extensive conversation on what talking sh*t is with my boyfriend. This was all done while also making my bed and washing my hair!

Overall, I’ve done most of the things I don’t do when I’m home (usually I sleep) because I am just simply not around. It actually makes a difference in how you feel when you’re not sitting around all day binge watching Netflix.

I eventually want to move in with my lovely boyfriend, so we were discussing how we would co exist in this concrete jungle. For one, we don’t have the same take on necessities. He thinks it is very important to have cable in every room, while I know most of the time cable sucks and everything is online anyway (e.g cable is an unnecessary bill). Also he believes it is not necessary to have sit-down meals together. I, however was raised with sit-down meals being a staple in our family and find it to be a simple say to stay in touch.

Obviously we aren’t planning on moving in right away, but there are definitely some quirks that need to be worked out between us. P.s right now he’s silently calculating what our electricity bill will be with cable and television in every room in use. I’m sure he’s going to come to some surprise (considering he does not turn off his television ever LOL).

Stay Warm!


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