Dancing Heels?

Hello again!

I have a schedule going on here, as you can all see! So, I have a question for all of my readers out there! Dancing heels, what are these magical shoes that you can dance in? I mean, you see them on Dancing with the Stars and this other Facebook video with a girl dancing to Hotline Bling (With a Latin Twist). My question is… how?

I would like to apologize to all my manly men and tom boy viewers out there, but you just do not understand! Recently I got a position working for a magazine called AsianinNy and some of the events I go to require heels. If you don’t know, I live in New York City so heels are not ideal. And, I have such a wide array of them (Some hurt, others don’t).

My thing is, women shoes hurt! They are not made for comfort-ability most of the time, and if they are, they are probably ugly (sad, but true). Unfortunately, that is the way of the fashionable world that is women’s shoes. It brings me back to the phrase “Beauty is pain” quite often as a pep talk for me when I’m walking around in the city on adventures.

Back to these dancing heels, where can I get a pair? And, are they like ballet slippers where I can only wear them indoors? Also, if there are heels out there that you can professionally dance in comfortably, why don’t they make them for all heels?!

So many questions, so little answers…

Watch the magical video here:

#Bachata Hotline Bling

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