Follow Your Heart (Mulan Style)

I remember there was a time where I didn’t have credentials whatsoever. I was a ‘writer’, but I wasn’t a writer. I had never published anything online, I never had experience being directed on what to write, and the only form of a blog I had was a Tumblr page where I ranted about how the Brontosaurus wasn’t a real dinosaur. I look back to that girl, that came to the city as a Criminal Justice major, with all of the direction in the world, and laugh at the complete 180 I took.

It all started when I looked at what I was doing and planning for myself and asked, “would this make me happy?”. And my answer was no. I was miserable. I barely talked to anyone, and I was in a field I felt I was stuck in because I studied it for so many years. The day I signed that paper to become an English major was the day my whole life flipped. Instead of being the shy girl that wrote as an outlet for anxiety, I became a confident one that took my experiences and wrote them down for fun- for the memories.

Like most people starting out in any field, there is always a bottom point. This point is where you literally have no idea what direction you’re going in and whether or not you’re even going to be successful. It might sound very Mulan of me, but follow your heart. Literally. Before, my life was centered around being so secure that I did not have a chance of failing. It was only after I realized that taking a leap of faith and exposing myself to the possibility of failure is the only way I was going to reach my goals.It was only then that I began to become successful.

Currently, I just landed another gig at a new magazine, I have a successful personal blog that I can share anything and everything I want, and I have credentials that I never thought I would have had before! All because I took the leap into the realm of uncertainty. The key: Never give up on your dreams. Instead of trying to be perfect for everyone else, I am now on focusing on a future I can look back at and be proud of. I want to be an inspiration to my children one day for pursuing my dreams no matter how difficult the field or unlikely the outcome. I want to be happy, for me. Who knows where I’ll be in the next five years?

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