Status Update!

Right now I am suffering from a terrible headache so bear with me.

Yesterday and today has been very eventful for a small gal like me. For one, I was completely and utterly spoiled by my boyfriend, who I absolutely adore. Also, I cannot remain all the more appreciative for the places that my job allows me to get into. For instance, yesterday I was allowed to try some of the best chocolate from the top ten chocolatiers in the country. My blog has boosted from about 120-ish views on each article to about 228, so there’s that as well. All around, life has seemed to pan out nicely.

On a side note, the main reason everything is going so well as of late is because of 1. God and 2. Determination. It was only when I decided that there is no reason for me to make my blog top priority that I was able to flourish. Hopefully, this train will go up and up for miles! I know right now it doesn’t seem like much to some, but it is definitely a wonderful start.

I have a great many plans for this blog; I hope you all will see it through with me!


For my boyfriend,

I love you more than words can describe. Thank you for being one of my main supporters and being there for me no matter the situation. You had more faith in my writing than I ever did. You are my family.



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