7 Things You Should do Besides Binge Watching Netflix

I’m a stay-at-home kind of gal, so you can only imagine my delight when I was contacted for a job that allowed me to do just that. I am a writer, and I like to stay home and wallow in emotions to come up for creative inspiration. It’s a normal thing, I think. Either way, I am very much of a home body once I get into the groove of things. See, I go through the phases of staying indoors. First, I complain and moan that I don’t have anything to do… ever. Although this is not true in the slightest, I tend to be over dramatic for life. Then, I try to distract myself through social media, which only results in a mean case of FOMO. Thanks, Internet! Last, I wake up in the morning ready to just stay home and watch Netflix all day while eating junk food. Honestly, that’s how it works for me.

Besides that sad segment on what my life is like, I realized that staying at home all day doing nothing is not the healthiest way to live. You need to get out and do things, or rather, stay in and do things! Either way, the point is that you’re doing something. Here are some things you can do while staying inside:

1) Turn off the Social Media 

Honestly, Social Media does nothing for you but enable you to lay in your bed looking at pictures of other people for hours! It is okay to disconnect every once in a while. Open the windows, let some of the natural light in!

2) Wash Your Hair  

As I am typing this with unwashed hair (Ew!), it is true that you should wash your hair. It makes you feel more refreshed, and frankly, less dirty.

3) Make your Bed 

Coming into your room with a nice clean bed set-up will make you feel accomplished even if you didn’t do anything all day. It’s like a reminder that you were not completely submitting all control to entropy!

4) Mop the Floors

Let’s be honest, your poor floors have probably never seen a mop since you first moved in. Do yourself a favor and get the floors clean! (Again, not excluded from this task either)

5) Make Some of Your Favorite Foods! 

Cooking, I know, Ugh. It seems like the most obnoxious task, but it actually becomes fun once you get into the groove of things! Also, it gives you the opportunity to make something besides excrements (Cough, Cough).

6) Make an Effort to do One of Those New Year Resolutions 

For example, I promised myself I would be nicer. Not like the example I set above… sorry! But not that I recognize it, I can learn from it and move on! See how that works? Besides something that involved putting your best foot forward, I’m sure there are other things you wanted to try. Like that new hair style you saw in that Facebook video, or the nail art that seemed almost within the reach of your nail art skills. As Shia LaBeouf would say, “Just DO IT!”

7) Contact the ‘Rents 

I’m guilty of going days without contacting my parents, but it definitely helps to set aside time to give them a check in phone call! I’m sure it would be nice to be asked for the thousandth time about who your plus one is going to be for the next family gathering and whether that “handsome guy” you were tagged in the photo with is an option. No seriously, call them!

As most of you know, when I get into my spouts of Home-Body living I tend to spend days watching TV without noticing. So on that note, this dirty piggy is gonna take her own advise and be a little productive.

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  1. hideawaygirl says:

    Omg,I’m the same with unwashed hair. I need to wash it.

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