The Social Damsel (And What it Means)

Do you ever have those moments when you’re lying alone in your bed with Drake playing on repeat and just staring at the ceiling? In these moments, do you feel the urge to pick up the phone and call that one guy you’ve been thinking about for hours? How about buying a tub of ice cream and just digging into it with a spoon, do you feel like doing that too?

Pro Tati Tip, or PTT, don’t. Not like Bryson Tiller’s “Don’t”, like a real don’t. These times, when you’re wallowing is self pity, are what I call the social damsel times. Don’t ever be a social damsel. What is a social damsel you ask?

There are two types of lonely people in the universe, the damsel in distress… and the social damsel. The damsel in distress is your typical story book kind of gal, she stays locked away high in a tower until someone comes along telling her to ‘let down her hair’. Although the damsel in distress is pretty bad when it comes to wallowing in self pity (self empowerment, girl!), she doesn’t make it a point to post this on social media and send out the 24 hour thirst alert.

The social damsel is a little like the damsel in distress, except her problems aren’t all that real. For that moment in time, she is feeling a sense of self pity and regret because she is bored, not because she is really in pain. The social damsel can be seen often on Twitter saying things like, “mood:___” or “I wish #OOMF was here”. She can also be seen on other social media platforms posting selfies with ‘boobage’ stating things such as, “I’m so ugly”. This then lets out, what I like to call, the 24 hour thirst alert, in which all the males (and females) will come to your aid and boost your ego. The social damsel might then feel guilty about her social presence as of late and delete all of her thirst alerts, but it is too late and the damage is done.

Message of the day? Social Media can be a little too accessible at times. Don’t send out the thirst alert.

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