NYFW and Love

Happy New York Fashion Week! And Valentines Day, I guess. This week is a very busy week for anyone within the entertainment world, especially for ones that cover celebrity news! From Kylie Jenner to whoever else loves fashion, everyone is practically in a frenzy to get their pictures of celebrities and the hot new gossip (OH, Juicy!). I literally have no idea about anything that has to do about fashion, and anything runway related is seen as a waste of materials (No, no one is going to wear to gala dress shaped like a banana, sorry). Maybe someone will buy it and put it in a glass case to admire for all of eternity, I guess. But it seems that everyone else (Especially those that can’t afford it ) are just going to watch the runway and leave it at that.

As for Valentine’s Day, don’t spend your money on chocolates! Instead, wake till the day after! (50% off candy, amiright?) We all know that Valentine’s Day is used as a marketing ploy to get everyone to spend their money, and yet we still buy into it. It’s an expression of Love, you might say! And to that I will reply, you shouldn’t wait for ne day to proclaim your love to someone you care about. These are facts. Maybe just do an after Valentine’s Day celebration and save a bunch of dollars? Sounds good to me! And for those that are going on Vacation on this day, I am jealous. Honestly, take me with you!

Enjoy your holiday, whether it be for Valentine or NYFW! I’m sure it is going to be full of interesting drama that you would be able to write about later, or maybe it would be perfect! Who knows? Be sure to make it a memory that you can tell your children about later on! Until next time…


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