Wall Street Shade

Occasionally I get a major case of writer’s block. With writing for two magazine’s and up keeping with my own blog, I’ve been a busy lady. It has been incredibly difficult to come up with new content every week multiple times a day. Sometimes it feels like I’m bled dry. But these are the times that I like to remind myself that my Blog shouldn’t be  chore to write for, but a place for free range.

When I get writer’s block I always find it best to write about my day, so here it goes. This afternoon, when I woke up around 2 p.m, I got a phone call from an unknown number. Usually I don’t answer these calls, but since I’ve been applying for new jobs I decided to pick up. The phone conversation went a little something like this:


“Hi, this is Ramon. You applied for a job.” (No mention of what job I applied for whatsoever)

“Oh, hello! Yes, this is Tatiana. How are you?”

“I’m fine, how are you?”

“I’m good.” (pause)

(longer pause)

“Yes, well can you come into an interview at 4?”

“Sure, I can make an interview. I don’t have the exact address, will you be able to send it to me? You have my email-”

“I’ll just text it to you.”



After we hung up I got a message for an address, 160 Pearl Street, 4th floor. After throwing on my best looking shirt, a sweater, and black jeans, I headed outside for the shady adventure of the day. Now, now, I wasn’t completely stupid about it, I called both my mother and boyfriend and told them where I was going. I even sent the address to my boyfriend just in case anything came up. Paranoid? Maybe, but at least I knew there would be people looking for me if I went missing.

So out I went into the cold, with snow falling down my face and chilling me to the bone. I left at about 3:02 p.m and it would take me approximately 30 minutes to get to where I was going. Amazingly, I still arrived late (Train traffic). I went to the 4th floor, as instructed. And guess what? No one knew who this Ramon person was. Actually the office didn’t even have secretary. There were about three employees in gray little cubicles, each with headphones in. When I asked to speak with someone about this Ramon character they all looked at me in unison (very robot like). At this point I found this whole shibang very fishy and I was ready to go home, but someone else came into the same floor. She was a young girl, around my age and very pretty. She asked for Ramon too, so we tag teamed to call and/or text the guy.

Turns out the interview was on the 6th floor, not the 4th. Also, it was two guys and not one. And they were interviewing three girls, excluding me, all young and around the same age. Fishy? I know. They had two run down couches in which all us girls took turns sitting on. One watched us outside of the office, and the other was interviewing the girls far into the back room of the place. At this point I didn’t want to make a scene and run out (There was only a rickety elevator as far as I could tell), so I stayed put.

Long story short, I was interviewed for a sales position, not the secretarial ones I had applied for. I was never told the company name, or what they were selling. But I was told this, they were going to interview more girls for the position. Only girls. So shady! At least they didn’t offer me any drugged water, right?

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  1. hideawaygirl says:

    haha! Luckily, you didn’t get kidnapped!

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