This Asian Girl is Officially Unhappy

Sometimes my boyfriend goes on these “Let’s get healthy together so we can live longer” moods and it sort of mixes up the whole scheme of what our relationship is based on… junk food. Our first date was to go get burgers at one of my favorite restaurants and later that day we feasted on the likes of M&M’s and Redbull. It was a match made in Heaven! Er, Junk-food heaven. Now, with this new take on healthy lifestyles and eating right, all of those “let’s stay in and order tons of pizza” nights are over. *Frown*

Nevertheless I am his girlfriend, and as a good one, it is in the manual to be supportive. Like super supportive, even if you don’t want to eat anything that is remotely tofu-like supportive. At first I thought we could separate things. I’ll have my philly cheese-steak over here, while you eat your healthily cooked of something vegetablely over there. Then we could co-exist and not get into each other’s lifestyles! #compromise. Apparently, that’s not how it works.

Turns out as a grown adult man, even the best of them cannot resist the temptation that is junk food. He’s definitely not a stick in the mud like me. In fact, he’s extremely active: Swimming, Body Building, MMA, the whole nine yards. I can be slightly active, like once every year active. Running? LOL. Jogging? If it’s to get the last bag of chips in the chip aisle. Walking? I think I do enough of that living in Manhattan, don’t you? All in all, lifestyle-wise, we’re completely different. There’s this new thing now where I’m suppose to change my habits in favor of his (ha-ha).

“I will throw everything out of my fridge that is unhealthy and just refill it with other things for my diet!” He declared one weirdly warm New York evening as we walked to his apartment.


*Longer Pause*

“BUT YOU’RE THE ONLY PERSON WHO HAS ALL OF MY JUNK FOOD IN YOUR FRIDGE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” I exclaimed at the top of my lungs, as if someone ripped away the only chance I had at life. This is what I wanted to say. What did I actually say?

I have no idea, my memory is not that good.

So here is a farewell to all the junk food induced living I was permitted until this dark day in February! You will be missed.

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