Turns Out, Kanye and I Could be Best Buds!

Kanye West and I have something in common… we tweet too much.
As a classic case of narcissism would have it, Kanye West has been at the top of his game… his egotistical game that is. From the recent tweet about Bill Cosby to the tweet about being 53 million dollars in debt, he just doesn’t seem to stop. Now, I’m not saying I’ve tweeted about being in debt before (Queue screenshots of the self proclaimed ‘broke college student’ AKA me). Okay, maybe I have, but my networth isn’t in the millions!

Either way, I’ve come to realize that the rapper we love to hate and I have similarities in the Twitter-sphere.

We both are overly dramatic:
Kanye is known for his random speeches on random things, pretty much. And that time that he declared he was “50% more influential than normal people”? …yeah. (That’s a pretty exact percentage, I wonder how he calculated that). I have my fair share of dramatics, like the time (read: multiple times) I said I was dying from the cold and that my ears were going to fall off if I didn’t get some shelter.

We both have a mean case of Grandiose:
“I am the No.1 most impactful artist of our generation”. Who said it? Not me! Although, I do have multiple times where I fully believe I’m a princess of somewhere and my long lost grandfather is just waiting it out over seas to crown me (you know, for when the time is right). I also either 1) don’t take compliments at all or 2) I take them a little too well. So yeah, we both have this sense of Grandiose that can really put us in the snobby sections of the party list sometimes. (But, at least it’s not a Napoleon complex).

When we’re angry, the whole world knows:
Sometimes I like to play off my anger with a tight lip and a three letter tweet of “LOL.”. But as soon as someone asks what’s wrong, the anger of a dragon tends to come out in full force. Sorry guys, I’m learning. As we know, Kanye tends to speak before getting all the facts in order. Remember the Amber Rose shut down of #fingersinthebootyhole*ssb*tch?

In conclusion,or to wrap up to my point, Kanye and I LOVE attention, Social media is dangerous, and at least I’m not 50% more influential than other people. 🙂

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