Singing Because I’m Happy

There are many, many, things I love (and can’t stand) about my boyfriend. But out of the many perks of being the girlfriend of a lovely fella, the best thing about him has to be his love of my work. Anything that I put out, whether it be on this sight or some other blog that I’m featuring in, he is one of the first people reading (and questioning) my work. And, although it can get annoying, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Through all the hustle and bustle that is city life, it is nice to have people in your corner. These people keep me writing, and give the drive to continue even when I don’t want to. Also they make me laugh, which is always a plus. I’m rarely in a bad mood anymore. Perhaps that is a testament to how I’ve grown, or how I learned to keep the right people in my circle. Uplifting people, ones I will never let go of.

When it comes to writing, it can be tedious… sometimes. Other times words just flow out of my hands as if I already have the whole article planned out in my head. I find it better to work when everyone is asleep, it helps me concentrate more on my writing can get into the state of mind to actually get work done. But, I don’t mind when they’re awake as well, especially when my boyfriend tries to look over my shoulder as I’m writing. Never mind, I just find that to be plan annoying. But it’s cute, and it gives me a … too sappy.

tl;dr I really appreciate all of my readers, family, friends, and supporters that I have out there. Some of you I haven’t met, others have been with me my whole life. I just want to take this time tos ay that everything you have done (i.e reading my posts, liking, sharing) has really made me believe that I can take my writing to new levels. Thank you for helping em building that confidence.

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