To the People Partying on a Monday Night

Stop it. Not only for me, who happens to have a window right across from you that ISN’T sound proof, but for everyone coming home from their jobs to get a relaxing night in. Now, the weekends I can understand; no one has work the next day (maybe) and you’re celebrating another week that has come to an end. But Monday? C’mon, really? Is it really that important for you to play loud music and drink the night away that you have to be inconsiderate to everyone around you?

Perhaps writing this is only making me seem like an old lady, but let me put things into perspective for you. I am a double major, and I write for (now) three magazines, not including my own blog. I stay home most days immersing myself in my work, and mostly go out to events for my job. I don’t have a 9 to 5, but I do have work that needs to be completed. No, I don’t go out much; yes, I am normally drowned in paperwork. So, as you can understand, the last thing I need is to be distracted by loud trap music at 10 in the morning (until God knows when!). It’s unsavory to play music so loud that I can’t even think, I can only wonder about your other neighbors.

You see, my window is directly across from yours with a particularly small rectangular space in between that holds the washing and drying units. I can hear your music so clearly that sometimes I even sing along to it, just like the Bryson Tiller song you played a few moments ago. I am a teenager, I love having fun. I don’t like not being able to have, said, fun because I am being distracted. But this is besides the point. I have a window directly across from yours, with a considerable amount of space in between us; yet, I can even hear you singing to songs and cheering. Why? Think about the other people in the building! Especially in this one where there are mainly elderly men and women that fill the apartments. This, I’m sure, isn’t pleasant to them.

So, just as a message to you people across the washer and dryer units in my apartment complex (thingy), shut up. I’m calling to cops.

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