Update: I’m Dying?

I am horribly Ill. Like the type of illness that you don’t get out of bed for a straight week, because you are that sick. This doesn’t stop me from working, though (Thanks, work-from-home jobs). I promised to keep up with my blog every other day, so here I am!

Let’s see how long it will take me to write this article, shall we.

As an update on my life, I have had fun keeping up with the obstacles of being deathly ill on twitter. I decided to start a thread titled “Sickness Updates” where I speak about everything that is going on with me.

It is a way for me to keep positive while being bed ridden. Here’s a few of them for your entertainment:

Screenshot 2016-03-10 at 9.30.36 AM

Yes, all of these tweets are legally mine; so, don’t try to steal them!

That was a joke…

Okay, on a serious note, I’m pretty sure the only thing I can stomach right now are plain crackers. They are so bland that I can basically taste the purifying method they went through before being turned to crackers (i.e they taste like soap).

Of course, I get terribly sick when I finally get signed onto another writing contract! It seems nice that I can work from home, but it is so annoying too. I don’t have the luxury of calling out sick because home is my office. (Yay, technology… or boo, technology?)

In regards to the novel chronicles, I have a very special message that I have written a first chapter (YAYAYAYAY). I haven’t written in third person format since I was in high school, so I’m a little rusty; meaning edits, on edits, on edits. But that’s okay! I’m willing to do as much work as it takes for me to get it right.

It has become increasingly important to me that I explore the possibilities within the writing world. Eventually, I want to move outside of journalism, you know? I’ve always wanted to be published, so I have decided to start there.

Once the book is completed, I plan to release it as a Kindle E-book; I figure, the first one can be free, and the rest of the series would be like a dollar or something. I don’t really know how self-publishing works for Kindle, so I would have to do a little more research into that.

Don’t expect the book to be done by tomorrow or next month; my boyfriend has become my makeshift editor and has A LOT of edits to make. It can be frustrating, but it’s nice knowing that I have someone that cares about me being published about as much as I do.  #Relationshipgoals

Well, that is all for now, I suppose!

Stay Warm,



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