I figured this would be good opportunity to let my loyal readers know what is going on with me. Currently, I am focusing more on freelance writing and writing my novel (that is only a few pages in so far). Being that I can’t keep up with everything at once, I have decided to go on hiatus from all this upkeep and take a little, tiny, mini break from my blog for little bit of time; I love writing, but in all honesty, I have become completely burned out by all the juggling around.

There are so many projects that I want you guys to be excited for! There are my novels, that I am working on getting published at some point this year, the outlets that I already write for, and whatever else I decide to do in the meantime!

So, this will be my temporary farewell, for now; until I can get all these creative juices in an organized manner, that is. Don’t worry, I will be back.



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