Welcome Back!

I would start off with something that congratulates my first fifty pages of my new novel or something that has to do with the “two-week vacation” I was on for the past month, but we all know intros aren’t my strong suit.

Here’s what went down, this hiatus was completely my idea and a decision that was made due to the amount of work I was juggling every day. In order to keep afloat in my work and my Novel, I would have had to write three articles a day,not including the articles I have on Hubpages and my own personal blog here. Do I mind writing? No, it is what I love to do, but I do have a limit; much like everyone else.

This limit was officially reached two weeks ago when my boyfriend officially flew off to the Dominican Republic, and I figured I could use a vacation too. The fact of the matter was, there was no way I could keep working and writing for myself at the same time; it was taking up too much head space.

Thankfully, after two weeks and an acne free face, I am ready to get back to work; officially.

The novel chronicles, which I think is a fantastic way for me to track my own personal experiences writing, will be continued as well as my own personal articles. Hubpages requires a little more organization, so I will begin a calendar for the month on what to write, and my book will be written at my own pace.

Of course, you can still catch me on Odyssey, AsianinNY, and VIVA, which will all be posted onto my websites facebook page here. I figured that would be the best way to keep all of my work in one spot. Those articles will be made on my bosses’ (I have multiple bosses) schedules, so I will post after I know they are online.

It is definitely exciting to return to work, and I can’t wait for you all to see the projects I have been working on!

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