The Semi-Not-Okay-But-Great Day

I jolted awake to my alarm at 12:23; except, it wasn’t my alarm that jolted me awake. In fact, my alarm didn’t even ring, which came to my surprise when I looked at the notification flashing on my phone screen : “Missed Alarm 12:00 pm”.

Gee thanks, technology.

I groaned, moving around in the way most people do in order to stretch their legs out while not having to actually stand up. Today was the day, meeting day.

I just won’t go, I said to myself. Technically I still have some time to sleep. 


I lived twenty minutes away from my destination, sure, but there was no way I would be able to get extra sleep and still be able to look like a decent human being for this meeting. Still, I didn’t mind, turning to my side to continue my snooze.



Again I moved around in a slow-not-really-trying-to-move fashion. A message from my boss: “Can’t wait to see you all today!”

Exasperation; I guess that means I really have to go. I began contemplating any excuse to not leave the warmth of my covers, but it was 12:52 now and if I wanted to make this 1:30 meeting I had to make moves quickly.

I threw on a shirt (inside out since I was getting dressed in the dark) and my leather jacket and placed my dirty hair up into a half bun. And for good measure, I put on sunglasses so no one would notice the bags under my eyes. I saw it on a show once and realized that was a good idea.

I was ready to take the world by storm, well a slow-groggy storm.

The train moved particularly rough today; it was the universe’s way of telling me to wake up. I stumbled sloppily on the platform trying not take make eye contact with the people looking at me strange. What, can’t you see I’m not having a good day?! 

Assessing the passengers, I realized I was the only one stumbling out of bed at 1 in the afternoon. Everyone was in brightly colored outfits and well-done hair, one even had her hair in a complicated knot that didn’t look knotty at all; their well put together looks made me sick. Snickering I placed my sunglasses back over my eyes; to me, it was way too early for this.

I arrived to the meeting exactly one minute early after I spent about five minutes walking into every room that wasn’t the correct meeting area. Eyes stared back at me, stopping their conversations to say hi.

“I’m just going to sit back there,” I gestured to a chair all the way in the back sheepishly after introducing myself. This was the first in-person meeting and I was already making a terrible impression.

But slowly the day began to turn around; it all started when co-writer Luna brought gummy bears. From there the kumbaya circle (as they called it) and the happy chatter didn’t seem so bad. Maybe, I was just finally waking up. For me, this  was my morning, and I was not a morning person.

Numbers and something about pages and powerpoints flew into conversations as we all contributed some thoughts and plans for the future. The company was growing, and with it, we were growing too. Soon excitement flooded my veins, this was a perfect opportunity to expand my experiences and actually write what I wanted to outside of a personal blog; I had a voice.

There was a reason I had begun writing, and it was so I could be heard. This was my moment and opportunity. Instantly, I perked up, reminding myself of the reason I was really there.

With an invigorated spirit and a hand full of gummy bears in my hands, I left the meeting excited for the next steps that the company is taking to grow.

I made a mental note to remind myself that I love what I do, and not everyone has the same opportunities to do what they love for a living like I do.

Maybe next time, I’ll force a smile until it becomes natural for me.

Friendly reminder that your day can turn around at any moment. Like right now, I came home to pizza and a fresh new article in my head. God bless.


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  1. hideawaygirl says:

    You get up so late!! I’m actually impressed 😂

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