New York is Your Cage

Even as I’m typing this, my eyes are drooping to a close. Exhaustion, but not from a completion of a crazy amount of work, just the completion of work in general. And still, it isn’t enough to actually do something. Maybe grab a couple burgers, or travel for a little while; boy, is New York expensive.

Sometimes, it is easy to imagine my life if I moved to a cheaper area, like down south or something. But unfortunately, I am trapped. G was talking to me about a concept that he had read about while we were both watch V for Vendetta; “We a make a cage for ourselves when we move to New York City.  You’re told over and over again that the City is the best place to live and there’s no other place like it, that we decide to stay. If there’s no place like New York City, then there is no reason to move.”

I mulled over this concept for a while, hanging onto every word that was uttered. Maybe he was right, I’ve always wanted to move here and now that I am, I don’t want to leave; even if I have a good reason to. It’s too expensive for me to survive, but I still am willing to struggle in order to be here.


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  1. I pass through here almost every day. By chambers street brooklyn bridge. Nice!

    1. lifewtati says:

      The city is definitely and big and beautiful place!

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