Blaze It

I was just sitting on my couch eating my pack of raisins like any girl when it came; a specific tone on my phone rang out from the metal device with a simultaneous vibration, a text message.

At the time, my almost-two-year-old cousin was watching “Baby Big Mouth”,  a weird children’s youtube channel that opens “surprise eggs” and teach kids how to spell difficult words like “caribou”. And, yes, you heard it right, she’s two years old. Never mind the fact that she can’t say the words “Baby Big Mouth” in a tangible structure (that instead comes out sounding “Be-Be Bid Ma”), but she can spell Caribou.

The text tone came, stopping the video’s music. My cousin responded with a slight whine but stopped again once the video came on. That wasn’t the end; next came a large series of rings that sounded something like “thhhrrrruuunggg”.

“Alright,” I said grabbing my device from the now crying baby, “Lemme see that.”

The messages came from a group chat that I was involved in during my Iphone days, so it wasn’t odd for me to get a large clump of messages at once. They read as follows:

E: Yo I can’t feel my Legs

E: Help

Okay, I thought, Why wouldn’t he be able to feel his legs? But I continued to read on.


S: Put down the drugs


I looked up at the date on my laptop when it hit me: 4/20

It all made sense; 4/20, the normal “Blaze it” day was almost regarded as a holiday among college students and the like. People who didn’t even smoke participated in heavy weed consumption and usually had a very, well, odd reaction. One of these was my friend E, who apparently had eaten a whole brownie because he, “Didn’t have anywhere to put it”?

What followed was a series of entertaining messages such as: “Tati please help”, “Help Kev” (Who’s kev, E?????), “I can’t feel junkets”, and “Like ex…Legs….Legal”.

In conclusion, don’t do drugs kids.


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